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Pinnacle Mediation Training in Connecticut
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Pinnacle Training & Publishing is a Connecticut Professional Development Provider approved by the Commissioner of Education. 

Dr. Patricia Ann Boozer, CEO/ Owner

Dr. Boozer is a Yale graduate, with over 50 years of developing and implementing training programs. In 25 years of mediating, has mediated over 800 cases with a 95% success rate. 

Dr. Boozer has over 50 years of developing and implementing training programs. Her formal education includes a BA in business and philosophy at Charter Oak College, a MAR (Masters of Art in Religion) in ethics at the Yale Divinity School, a year at Southern Connecticut State University in juvenile delinquency, three years at Yale University graduate psychology department in social psychology, and a Doctorate of Philosophy at the Union Institute and University in social psychology: racism, biases, stereotypes, and prejudices, and formal training in the Workshops (skill-sets) listed throughout.  

Over 50 years of experience as a Training Consultant have been accumulated from various positions and organizations.  More than 80% of her career has centered on developing and implementing programs to meet the assessed needs of clients.  At the age of 16, she trained youth groups in her church.  At the age of 18, she was a Boy Scout Dean Mother.  At age 26, she was a Rubbermaid District Manager and trained her sales staff.  At age 28, she received formal training as a trainer/facilitator at General Motors; there she trained both union and management personnel to work together to better combat off-shore competition. 

For over 3 years she was employed at Community Mediation, Inc. (CM) where she worked with prosecutors on court cases, redesigned CM’s mediation training, and initiated the re-starting and re-structuring of the New Haven, Connecticut’s public school peer mediation program.  She has mediated over 800 cases and has a 95% success rate of mediating cases from court involving gang wars, race riots, and racial, neighborhood, organizational, and board disputes. 

Dr. Boozer is the Founder & President of Pinnacle Training & Publication, Inc.

Timothy D. Newsom, CEO/ Owner

In the early 1990’s Timothy became a certified mediator. He began his mediation career as a volunteer for Community Mediation of New Haven. In 1991, Timothy received the Community Mediation Mediator of the Year award for having mediated the most court-referred cases. Mr. Newsom has mediated hundreds of court-referred cases such as gang violence, racial diversity issues, landlord-tenant disputes, workplace conflict, police and community disputes, and family dynamics. 


During the mid 90's, Mr. Newsom worked as a corporate paralegal and a legal research assistant. Mr. Newsom joined the staff of the United States District Court Clerk’s Office in 1995, where he worked as a Criminal Case Manager and Courtroom Deputy. In this capacity, he would work heavily with several US District Judges, US Attorneys, and the US Marshal's Office.

Mr. Newsom would later collaborate with fellow mediators to conduct workshops in mediation, racial diversity, leadership, and job readiness throughout New England.

Mr. Newsom's other specialized training & experience:



Criminal Case Manager & Courtroom Deputy - US District Court

Civil Case Management 


Tester For Housing Bias & Discrimination

Security Management & Operations

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